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February 2024

My 2024 reading list

December 2023

My 2023 reading list
My 2023 podcast log

May 2023

Notes on setting team goals

February 2022

On infinite layaway

September 2020

Review of 198X
Review of “Goodmorning America!” by 猫 シ Corp.

May 2020

What’s the point? (or, Fifty days of lockdown)

December 2019

Review of Memphis

September 2019

A Guide for Educators

April 2019

Review of The Void

February 2019

Review of Babbling Corpse

January 2019

Cultural studies in the present tense

December 2018

A plain text penchant

December 2017

Some open truisms

November 2017

What is the open web?

July 2017

On Mother

February 2017

Mapping meritocracies

January 2017

A year of robustness

August 2016

From Durgapur with love

May 2016

Nineteen years of cathedrals and bazaars

January 2016

Cory Doctorow on bananas

December 2015

Meaning in the age of social media
A likelihood better than chance
Fanatic life and symbolic death

August 2015

What I’ve learned about kinases

February 2015

How to play games of truth

November 2014

The formation of information

October 2013

My Linux Rig interview

August 2013

Pre-print publication and responsible scholarship

November 2012

The active audience, again

November 2006

Giving thanks